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(781) 373-1682




Separator Coating

Product description
Based on the company's profound technology accumulation, stable quality management ability and outstanding technical innovation ability, we can produce all kinds of alumina powder, boehmite powder, ZTA and other composite powder including silicon nitride and other non oxide powders which have a purity of 99.9wt%-99.999wt%, and are widely used in lithium battery separator coating and its adding modification. or as an additional material to the battery cathode,which can greatly improve the safety performance of lithium batteries.
We take advantage of unique advanced synthetic technology to control the performance indexes such as powder purity, particle size, morphology and crystal phase (alpha phase, gamma phase etc). On this basis, we are oriented to adjust and control the different uses applications of catalytic materials, transparent ceramics, structural ceramics and coating materials. Through the flow analysis and testing system we carry  out strict quality management to ensure quality stability.


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