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Product description
The preparation of zirconia by hydrothermal method is obviously superior to other synthetic methods. It is mainly manifested in the production of nanometer powder, with more concentrated particle size distribution, high purity, high toughness, high transparency, high controllability and so on. 
In the field of bioceramic materials, dental implant is one of the most widely applied dental restoration techniques, which can help to restore the normal shape and function of the teeth. It is mainly divided into two parts, namely implant and crown. Due to the good biocompatibility of zirconia ceramics, the morphology, color and luster of the natural teeth can be restored to the maximum degree. It has been widely used in the field of clinical dentistry. The dental products in Sinocera has shared the domestic common market in the high transparent dental powder business with foreign enterprises, which was almost the monopolistic player until now 
Having achieved a full range of dental powders and its stable supply. Our dental powder market share has become top one in the world.

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