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Honeycomb Ceramic

Product description
The type of tail gas purification catalyst carrier is divided into spherical carrier and honeycomb carrier. Honeycomb carrier is also divided into alloy honeycomb carrier and ceramic honeycomb carrier. With the gradual stricter of environmental regulations and the improvement of the comprehensive performance requirements for the three element catalytic purifier in automobile industry, the ceramic honeycomb carrier has gradually replaced the spherical carrier and became the mainstream choice of vehicle catalyst carrier.   
 Through many years of research and development, we have successfully developed the gasoline engine carrier, direct through diesel engine DOC, SCR carrier, DPF diesel engine carbon smoke trap and other product formulations, the product has thin, low back pressure, high heat resistance impact and high capture rate.        At present, the downstream customers cover the main catalyst coating manufacturers at home and abroad, and the future import substitution space is huge.
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