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Product description
Migrating birds, migratory salmons, and earth's magnetic field are all of navigations. Ferrite is the representative of artificial magnets. It has traces in all kinds of required magnetic fields, and can also be used as memory components and microwave components.
Taking advantage of methods such as solid phase method, precipitation method and hydrothermal method to produce ferrite, we can customize the products with primary particle size around 20-500nm, also with the granulation size around 3-100um according to customers' needs. Nano scaled Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn ferrite can be prepared by hydrothermal synthesis technology, with uniform particles, narrow particle size distribution and high activity, firmly can also be sintered at low temperature. It can meet the requirements of high Bs, high Q, low loss and so on, especially suitable for the field of chip inductor.
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