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Barium Titanate

Product description

Barium Titanate, one of the most widely used materials in electronic ceramics, is known as the "pillar of the electronic ceramic industry", which is mainly used in the manufacture of multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), single board ceramic capacitors, thermistors, piezoelectric ceramics, microwave ceramics and other electronic components.

Relying on the key technology of hydrothermal synthesis, the company has developed into the largest enterprise in the world to produce ultrafine nano-sized Barium Titanate powder. Barium Titanate powder produced by hydrothermal method has the characteristics of high purity, high activity, good sphericity, high crystallinity, narrow distribution of grain particle size and good chemical homogenization. It is especially suitable for the field of MLCC medium. At present, the division of Electronic Ceramic Materials has developed high-quality nano-sized Tetragonal Barium titanate, leading the highest level in the industry. Barium titanate solid phase method has the advantages of regular particle shape, uniform size and stable barium titanium ratio. The division has produced nano-sized Barium Titanate with different specifications such as 300, 400, 500nm and so on by adopting nano-sized raw materials,sand-milling  dispersion technology upon the nano-material and sintering technology. 



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