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Naming Rule

Product description

Naming Rules for Product Code


Format:(use MLC-153NA as example)




1. Product Line Code(First three characters)

  Product line code is represented by three English alphabets.

Product Line

Product Line Code

Hydrothermal BaTiO3


Solid State Reaction BaTiO3


Formulation Powder for Disc Capacitor


Formulation Powder for MLCC


Microwave Dielectric Ceramic Powder




2.Properties Code(Forth to Sixth Character)

  Properties code is composed of three numbers, and has two different meaning.

  a.When the first number of properties code is 0,the properties code represent the particle size.

          006  - particle size 60nm

          010  - particle size 100nm

          050  - particle size 500nm

         (and so on)         

  b.When the first number of properties code is 1~9,the properties code represent the dielectric parameter.

         350  - dielectric parameter 35*100

         292  - dielectric parameter 29*102

         153  - dielectric parameter 15*103

        (and so on)


3. Process Code(Seventh Character)

Process code is composed of one English alphabet.

            U:Ultra- low temperature sintering     Ts≤950℃

            L:Low temperature sintering        950℃≤Ts≤1000℃

            M:Middle temperature sintering 1000℃≤Ts≤1150℃

            H:High temperature sintering     1150℃≤Ts≤1500℃

            N:Used for BME process

            C:Used for Cu inner electrode process

  Process code can be blank. When the process code is blank and the version code should be added, the process code is represented by “-”.


4.Version Code(Eighth Character)

  Version code can be blank. When the product is altered, the version code is added at the eighth position, such as A, B, and so on.

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