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Sinocera Held MLCC 2016 Annual Meeting Successfully
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Sinocera Held MLCC 2016 Annual Meeting Successfully

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MLCC 2016 Annual Meeting was held in Jinan by MLCC Professonal Committee, Capacitor branch of Chinese electronic components industry association (Sponsor) and Shandong Sinocera Functional Material Co.
  MLCC 2016 Annual Meeting was held in Jinan by MLCC Professonal Committee, Capacitor branch of Chinese electronic components industry association (Sponsor) and Shandong Sinocera Functional Material Co.,Ltd.(Organizer) in 26th, Oct. Mrs. Lin Sufen, the Consultant of the Association, Mr. Chen Zhongyi, the Secretary-general of the Association, Mr. Zhangxi, the Chairman of Sinocera, Mr. Zhangbing,General Manager of Sinocera, Mr. Si Liuqing, Mr. Song Xibin, Mrs. Xu Shaomei, the Vice-general Managers of Sinocera attended the Meeting. Also, there were about 100 representativesfrom the well-known enterprises in this industry  participating in the Meeting.
  Experts from Tianjin University, Fenghua and Advanced Technology, TAIYO YUDEN, Holy Stone respectively made academic reports about the development trend, research and application of MLCC technology, the reliability and stability of MLCC. In the Meeting, on the one hand, attendees analyzed the MLCC industry from the macro perspectives; on the other hand, attendees discussed the MLCC technology form the micro level. In the end, Mr. Chen Zhongyi made  concluding remarks titled “Keeping up with the times, Cooperating, Innovating, Integrating of Development ” in which he came up with the new thinking direction about MLCC industrial upgrading development and  appealed to attending enterprises to make more contribution to manufacturing. Sinocera, as the largest manufacturer of high-purity ultrafine barium titanate powders and multilayer ceramic capacitor dielectric powder in China, will improve and upgrade the industrial structure based on the core technology R&D to contribute to the development of MLCC industry.