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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Business Trust
Sinocera attaches great importance to the management of investor relations, shapes the integrity corporate image in the capital market, and adopts various of channel and approaches of management mode to maintain good relationship with the investors, so that the investors can grip on the company's business situation, financial situation and the progress regarding major projects in a comprehensive way. We will continue to protect the shareholders' right to know. Consectively promote the management level and innovation ability of the enterprise,  hone the competitive ability of the core business, and create value for the customers, employees and shareholders with sustained and steady operation.
Promoting The Development Of Material Industry
Through strenuous efforts, we independently developed the whole set of high purity ultrafine powder like Barium Titanate, dielectric formulation powder for MLCC, dielectric formulation powder for microwave and other dielectric materials to meet the market demand for thinner layer, and downsizing, which means the trend of MLCC to miniaturization with larger volume. Meanwhile we will continue to enhance the performance of dielectric materials and our slurry products. Through industrial layout towards with honeycomb ceramics, cerium/zirconium solid solution, high thermal stability alumina, molecular sieve and other advanced catalytic materials to upgrade the synergy, we will contribute to promote the overall progress of the material industry 
Energy-Saving And Sustainable Growth
Energy conservation and environmental protection is one of the basic strategies for the development of the company. In strict accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations of the country, SINOCERA actively carries out the related conduct of environmental protection, persists in the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, advocates green production, and continuously introduces advanced equipment to improve production technology to contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction. In close collaboration with the upstream and downstream enterprises, an industrial chain of energy saving and environmental protection has been formed, and the sustainable development of the whole industry chain has been promoted.
Concerns Over The Staffs
Sinocera adheres to the "people-oriented" concept, regard employees as the most valuable asset of the company, and established a comprehensive health and safety guarantee system and growth mechanism for their employees. We should respect and maintain the personal rights and interests of the staffs, pay close attention to the training of talents, and provide timely and reasonable salary and competitive benefits based on the contribution of the employees to the development of the company. Meanwhile, we should pay attention to the life and mental health of the staff, establish a perfect communicative channel, organize colorful promotional activities, cultivate the workman's noble sentiment and their craftmanship, enhance the body's physique, firmly concern over the health, the safety and the satisfaction of employees, then achieve the common growth of the employees and the enterprises
Proactively Assume Social Responsibility
While accelerating the development, Sinocera conscientiously fulfills the social responsibility of the enterprise, actively promotes the harmonious development of the enterprise and the society, and participates in various social activities and supports the social welfare undertakings.