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EHS Management

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According to the safety management policy, we combined the management goal with "zero accident, zero violation and zero hidden danger", so as to to improve the company's security management system capacity as a core, we also continuously modify the safety management organization structure of the group and its business division or subsidiary, then set up the safety production target and relevant responsibility system, deepen the standardization of safety production, actively explore the "risk classification control and hidden troubles investigation and management" . Through such dual systematic work, we guarantee the company's overall safety and rapid growth. 

We built up four aspects of inspection mechanism as group level, subsidiary nodal level, workshop level and team level, covering comprehensive inspection, daily inspection, special item inspection and seasonal inspection. Through self checking, mutual checking and third party inspection, hazards to safety can be controlled both horizontally and vertically. The work of safety management standardization system is pursued in depth, and the dual system for  "risk classification management and hidden trouble investigation" is actively explored, and the management network is established for the safety management over the group level.