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Sinocera Business System

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Listening to the voice from customers and stakeholders, SINOCERA set our Business System (CBS) committed to the continuous elimination of waste in various business process, through the establishment of competitive processes, continuous improvement towards safety, quality, delivery, cost and innovative skills, we stick to the concepts such as the practice of customer-centered, best team win, innovation drive the future, to become the outstanding industry leader and achieve the staff’s value with endless improvement.
Within three years (before 2020), the company plans to build up the Sinocera’s Business System (CBS) into one of the core competitiveness , so that each business unit can implement the corporate vision, mission, value concept and management model of the enterprise. And the company's organizations at all levels can use the same language, send the same voice, and run the same operation management system. We will do our best to serve our customers (strive to achieve customer needs), and provide a fundmental guarantee to meet Sinocera’s rapid sustainable growth.