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Technological Innovation

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Innovative Platform


Sinocera has established 3 provincial level innovative platforms:   Shandong Provincial Electronic Ceramic Materials Engineering Lab,   Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Shandong Provincial Electronic Ceramic Materials Engineering Technology Research Center,  launched  10 research units respectively affiliated to each business division or subsidiary. Running the mechanism for rational operation and efficient management, Now we have 200 sets of international sophisticated experimental testing & analysis equipments and industrialized pilot production facilities. We     developed full sets of our own suitable analytical equipments & methods, formulated a large-scale experimental, testing and R & D system. 




Innovative Talents


Handling the core R & D technology and combine the advantages of scientific research both at home and abroad, SINOCERA has gathered more than 300 technical R & D personnel in the field, including 84 graduate students with master degree or above, whose majors cover inorganic materials, materials science, material chemistry, electrical, computer and other interdisciplines, building up a powerful research team work with rational hierarchical age structure, with professionals from various backgrounds of majors and superb skills.  




Innovation Results


SINOCERA has been engaged in technical innovation and product R & D. Now we have obtained 28 items of invention patents and 51 patents for utility model, including "A kind of process for continuous preparation of Barium Titanate powders" that garnered the China Patent Gold Medal.  Through independent research, we developed "A kind of key technology and its application for multilayer ceramic capacitors based on Barium Titanate as its dielectric ceramic material’s industrialization", which won a Second Class National Science and Technology Progress Award. With outstanding R & D strength of our expertise, we participated in launching the industrial norms and rule for "Barium Titanate with high purity for the electronic industry, as well as the international standard for "nano-sized titanium dioxide", and "silica for gas phase silica gel". We have not only become the leading company of special ceramic powder materials in China, but also share the similar supply chains to overseas companies. 


Innovative Ecosystem


Innovation is not only derived from our own laboratory, but from the collaboration we work with our customers, universities, suppliers and the Chinese science community. By taking advantage of the enormous energy generated from diversified thought and ability, we properly promoted the development of our new generation of our products. We recruit excellent and responsible talents from universities, but also launch many cooperative research projects with colleges and institutes. Through such joint activities regarding basic and applied scientific research, we benefited greatly from the innovative strength in the field of materials science and chemistry industry in China.