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Company Profile

Shandong Sinocera Functional Material CO., LTD, founded in April 2005, is a professional high-tech enterprise specializing in the field of novel materials including all kinds of pilot and mass production, sales and R & D. Our products cover a series of Electronic Ceramic Dielectric Materials, Structural Ceramic Materials (Nano-sized Zirconia and Alumina), Architectural Ceramics Materials ( Ceramic Glaze and Ink), Electronic Metal Pastes (Metals Regarding Silver, Copper, Nickel, or Aluminum) Catalytic Materials (Ceramic Honeycomb, Molecular Sieve, Cerium Zirconium Solid Solution Etc) . Nowadays these products are mainly applied in modern high-end industries, such as Electronic Information and Communication, Biomedicines, New Energy Vehicles, Architecture, Automobile, Industrial Catalysis, Solar Photovoltaic, Aeronautics & Astronautics Technologies.
On January 13, 2012, Sinocera listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (Stock Code 300285). In 2013, ranking as top 6, it was named one of the most potential listed 100 companies in China by Forbes Magazine. Since its establishment, Sinocera has been growing rapidly. After listing, the company gradually developed a long-term effective incubator for the field of segmented industry, trans-regional and industrial chain extension, laying a solid foundation for the further development of the company.
 We adhere to the development strategy through taking raw material as the core, building platforms for outstanding talents, technology innovations and industrial integration, ensuring technological innovation, promoting quality stability, actively facilitating our overall business system, constantly enhance the core competitiveness of the company.
Recently Sinocera has completed the construction of 3 major scientific research platforms,such as "Shandong Provincial Electronic Ceramic Materials Engineering Technology Research Center" , "Shandong Provincial Electronic Ceramic Materials Engineering Lab", "Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", continuously carrying out technological innovation and product research or development, 
Until now we have obtained 28 patents for inventions, 51 utility model patents, including "A kind of process for continuous preparation of Barium Titanate powders", which awarded China state-grade patent as gold medal; Our corporate independent research and development project "A kind of key technology and its application for multilayer ceramic capacitors based on Barium Titanate as its dielectric ceramic material’s industrialization", which won the 2nd grade prize in national science and technology progress award; With outstanding R & D strength under the auspices of our expertise, we developed and designed the industrial standard for "Barium Titanate with high purity for the electronic industry, also set up the international standard both for "nano-sized titanium dioxide", and "silica for gas phase silica gel", Now we have become the trailblazer in the field of domestic special ceramic powder materials, broke the monopoly of foreign companies.
We will devote to the core value as "Customer first, the best team win the last, let innovation drive the future, improvement is endless "; under this concept, we strive to achieve the value of employees, to mold ourselves into the pioneer for the excellent materials, to exert to the access services for society and the benefits of mankind, to foster our corporate motto pursuing "Better material, Better life ".
Company Profile